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Specifications:1. Door lock card can works on the safe box2. Suitable for hotels3. Support track the unlock recordsA. Main Technical Parameter:Working power supply: DC12V± 3V, can use external back up Types of Card: M1Communication mode: RS485, 9600BPS; The default network;Inductive Distance: 3-5cm;Identify ways: Identify

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1. Door lock card can works on the safe box
2. Suitable for hotels
3. Support track the unlock records

A. Main Technical Parameter:

Working power supply: DC12V± 3V, can use external back up Types of Card: M1
Communication mode: RS485, 9600BPS; The default network;
Inductive Distance: 3-5cm;
Identify ways: Identify data and card number in the same time, use along with BW823 network door lock.

B. Usage and Settings:

Swipe card correctly to open or close the safe box.
Blue light lights up when the electric motor is running,
Use hand to pull the safe box door open after the blue light turned off.


After the closure operation with valid room card, VIP card, safe box changes to in use status,
And in this status only emergency card and the room card(with the same number as guest card) and VIP card can be identified.

After opened the safe box normally, safe box changes to idle status.

Except room card and VIP card, use other card to close the safe box the safe box will not change to in use status.

Execute checking out operation when accessing RCU management, safe box changes to idle status automatically.


Through the network or reset switch, restore the safe box to factory settings.

When safe box is in idle status, it is allowed to use set card to set clock,
Network ID and adjust lock switch and position meanwhile.

C. Exceptional operations:

Once guest lost room card or VIP card, use the emergency card to open the in use safe box and change the safe box to idle status.

If service staff can't open the safe box when checking room, the staff can change the safe box status in remote way through service management system, then open the safe box use general card, multilayer card or floor card.

Safe box will trigger alarm event in both open or close the safe box in emergency key situations.

Use the emergency key to open the safe box when the safe box can't be opened under circuit failure condition.

D. Cautions:

Once opened the safe box using emergency key, safe box starts to alarm until it is closed.

System equips backup power supply electric outlet (DC5-7V),
When external power supply is power-down,

When the latch broke down, it should be maintained in time;
Two ways are suitable to fix the problem: Calibrate the latch through set card, or check the latch switch.
Event TypeIndication of Sound and Light
Initialize successfullyBlue light 2 times flicker, 2 short-beep
Set card successfullyBlue light 3 times flicker, 3 short-beep
Open door normallyBlue light lights up, short rising tone beep
Close door normallyBlue light lights up, long falling tone beep
System password errorRed light 2 times flicker
Latch breaks downRed light 5 times flicker, 5 short-beep
Alarm of illegal open door(Key open)35 times short-beep
Safe box in use statusRed light 3 times flicker

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