Electronic radio frequency card mortise alarm hotel safe door lock

About the lock1. Swipe on lock can open the door2. Zinc alloy material3. Support download recently 200 records4. Support keys5. Suitable for star hotels7. Swipe card can open the door8. Mifare one card 13.56Hmz9. Four piece AA battery for the power10. CE approved goods11. Can be download the records12. ANSI mortise(five latches)

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About the lock
1. Swipe on lock can open the door
2. Zinc alloy material
3. Support download recently 200 records
4. Support keys
5. Suitable for star hotels
7. Swipe card can open the door
8. Mifare one card 13.56Hmz
9. Four piece AA battery for the power
10. CE approved goods
11. Can be download the records
12. ANSI mortise(five latches)
13 suitable for door thickness 38-55mm
14 suitable for door width more than 120mm
15. Support: Software & encoder,
16. Support: Keys
Electronic RF Card Mortise Alarm Hotel Safe Door Lock
Electronic RF Card Mortise Alarm Hotel Safe Door Lock

Other names

Swipe card lock, electronic door lock, RF card lock, Mortise lock, mifare one card lock, RFID lock, Hotel handle door lock, Smart card lock, Smart card handle lock, Contactless card lock, inductive card lock, intelligent card lock, battery type door lock, software type lock

Card type
Emergency card, Master card, system card, time card, floors card, guest card, data card and so on totally 16 types cards.

Software---BW803 lock software 8.01 advantages
1) many types cards--------total 16 type cards ( emergency card, master cards, flooring card, supervisor cards, guest cards, backup cards, time card, clear card, ) for different functions
2) many types administration authority ------the software can be used by many type users,
E. G.: Boss can use his user name and password to log in the software and have the rights to make all type cards and setup the user rights. Front desk persons can use his user name and passwords to login the software, but he only can make the guest cards (because boss has setup his user rights only for check in and check out)
3) Support download the unlock records from handset machine, which the recently 200PCS enter records from the locks
4) Support make 3PCS query card (data card)---to download the unlocking records from door locks.
5) There is a data file inside of the software ---stock the operation info (room info, card info and so on ) of this hotel.
6) support any languages that buyer need
7) support Windows9x, Win2000, WinXP, Win7 operating system;
8) Support any languages that buyer need
Electronic RF Card Mortise Alarm Hotel Safe Door Lock

Lock Features:

Outstanding design for security
Surface color durable and not easy to fade.
Open lock method: Cards, or emergency keys
Support software and encoder
CE approved type door locks
Support downloading the unlock records recently 200PCS
Lower battery will alarm
Support double-lock the door inside of room (only the emergency card can open the door)
Inductive distance more than 20mm
The microwave sensing technology of forefront, Even if the card is put in a black wallet, the lock can be easily open.

Technical Parameter:
Power Supply: DC 6V. The alarm point of low-voltage is 4.8V.
Main Material: Stainless steel
Service Durability: More than 100000 times
The Range of Gate Thickness: 38~55mm
Recommended gate thickness: 42~45mm
Environment Requirement: Temperature: -45 ~80 degrees centigrade

Main functions of the card system
Management Classification--totally 16 different types cards: Emergency card, master card, floor card, guest card, staff card, backup card, temporary card, report lost card, terminating card, authorized card, cipher card, room number card, clock card, clear card;
Time Limited Function--As long as the guest is expected to check out, the guest card will be inoperative automatically.
The Record Function--the lock records the latest 200 times unlocking information.
The Function of Avoiding Disturbing--after the door is locked from the inside, any card except emergency card cannot open the lock.
The Function of Alarm--once the batteries voltage is not enough, the door isnt totally closed and other abnormal situations, the lock will keep to remind the user by buzzer.
Chip levelTechnical Grade
Power4 AA alkalescency batteries,     DC 6V, Use life: one year normally
Working temperature-10° C~60° C
Static working current≤ 40μ A
Motor starting current≤ 120mA
Open lock time6 seconds
Antistatic interference ability≥ -15KV
Low power alaarm  4.8V± 3%
Door not closed alarmLock will voice if  the door not be closed well 
Unlock recordsAt least 200pcs unlock records
Lasting quality≥ 100000 times
Use life≥ 10 years
Accepted for door thickness38~55mm
Recommend door thickness42~45mm
Average failure rateNormal use ≤ 1/50000 times
Lock weight3-3.8kg

6PCS lock inside of the carton
Carton size: 54*34*54cm
Carton G. W: 20-23kgs

Electronic RF Card Mortise Alarm Hotel Safe Door LockElectronic RF Card Mortise Alarm Hotel Safe Door Lock

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