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2023-02-22 17:30:59 By : Ms. Kelly Chen

New integrated bike lock features remote locking and 100dB alarm

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PentaLock has announced the release of an integrated bike lock that nestles in the frame and locks the bottom bracket of your bike, preventing thieves from pedalling away.

The lock is aimed at manufacturers, who will need to integrate the design into the frame while building the bike using special tooling.

PentaLock says any attempt to remove the lock without these tools will result in an unusable bike, with no value as an illegal resale item.

PentaLock says it has taken inspiration from the automotive industry for its bike lock unit, where immobilisers have made good headway in reducing car theft.

Immobilisers prevent a vehicle being used without the correct fob or key. Similar to a car immobiliser, PentaLock says its design uses a Bluetooth key fob to secure the bike. This means the unit locks automatically if the user is not nearby.

While the company has yet to explain how the internal-locking system works, it says 200kg of resistance is added to the pedals – enough to stop even a track cycling sprinter from getting away with your bike.

The lock features a 100dB alarm, which sounds when movement is detected.

According to the brand, the lock’s location in the bottom bracket lowers the centre of gravity of the bike and improves handling characteristics.

PentaLock will offer two versions, the PL1 for non-assisted bikes and the PL2 for electric bikes .

The ebike version features a kill switch to the bike motor for added immobilisation.

PentaLock has not said whether the lock impacts pedalling efficiency, although this would seem less of an issue for systems fitted to ebikes.

Power is needed for the lock to function, with the PL1 using a battery pack and the PL2 taking power from the ebike’s battery. 

A backup battery is also included to supply power when the ebike runs out of charge. The backup battery is said to last 90 days between charges.

There are currently no PentaLock-equipped bikes on the market. The brand says the lock will feature first in the Netherlands on the Watt Fietsen Brooklyn Black Edition ebike, which has an expected delivery of May this year.

PentaLock has also announced it is working alongside community-based cycle insurance firm Laka, but it hasn’t provided any further details on this partnership yet.

Nick Clark is a digital writer for BikeRadar, focusing on all things mountain bikes. Having raced XC for most of his youth, he has a deep understanding of the sport and loves bounding around the UK to spectate at events. A mountain biker at heart, Nick helped create a community of trail builders in his local forest in North Wales. Nick also loves road cycling, where he has completed the holy trinity of spectating at all three grand tours in their host countries. Described as having a good engine in his racing days, it’s now common to see Nick wheel-sucking on club rides and sprinting for town signs. He also enjoys bike touring and has completed numerous travels on the west coast of Europe, most recently riding from Lisbon to Roscoff. Nick has built many of his bikes from the frame up and has a keen eye for technical detail. He is currently riding a YT Capra on the trails and a Focus Izalco Max for the road.

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